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Fix Quickbooks error code 20

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting program that has revolutionised the world with magnificent features. The software is equipped with exclusive benefits that aid many users to reach their objectives. From managing expenses to tracking inventory & estimating payroll, the software gives exemplary benefits to the user. Despite these, users are often stuck with errors in the software. Contact QuickBooks error support Phone Number +1(855)533-6333 to get in touch with us. They assist users in a comprehensive manner.

QuickBooks error code 20

If facing QuickBooks error 20_Printer not activated. Study the blog thoroughly. Here you will find an effective solution. Basically, error 20 happens only when a user attempts to upgrade Window XP or Vista to Window 7. When you have upgraded window XP to window 7 then you probably have a higher chance of getting error 20. Users aren’t able to print or send invoices.

Its causes:-

  1. Windows 10 is unsuited with QuickBooks 2009.
  2. Unsupported Printer drivers. 
  3. If still using an earlier version.
  4. Window registry file issues.
  5. Incorrect PDF converter configuration. 
  6. Outdated operating system. 

Effective solutions to fix QuickBooks error code 20

Try any of these steps to get rid of error code 20 in QuickBooks:-

Step 1) Manually update the Registry Key

You can do this by following two ways –

Use registry editor to get Permission

  • Go to the Registry Editor.
  • Click start button.
  • Input Regedit and don’t press enter now.
  • Right-click Regedit to choose Run as administrator.
  • Now you get admin access to the registry editor.
  • Check for the file ‘Hkey_current_config’ and look for a software folder.
  • Right-click on the ‘Software’ folder and choose Permissions. 
  • In the opened window, make sure that you have selected Full Control. 
  • Press OK when completed and close down the Registry.  

Try Powershell script Grant permission

  • Go to ‘Start’
  • Input CMD & do a right-click & select to run as administrator.
  • Click ‘PowerShell’ & press Enter from the command Prompt.
  • Copy the entire command & paste it on the text field. 

Step 2. Build Registry Back-up

  • Go to the Registry Editor first.
  • Press on Computer
  • Click File then  Export  & then click on Save it.

Step 3. Create System restore Point

  • Press on the Create tab option, and then select Local Disk C from system Protection.
  • Input description of the restore point to Prompt window. 
  • Now, enter the date of the restore point.
  •  Click on the create button to start the process. 
  • The process gets completed in a while. 

Hope the above given steps are enough to eliminate QuickBooks error code 20 completely. If you still have further questions, fix it completely by just calling our certified qb experts at +1(855)533-6333. They give advanced solutions for your issue.