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How To Fix QuickBooks Error code 12 0

QuickBooks is a wonderful accounting mechanism, complemented with such advanced attributes that commences multiple financial & bookkeeping assignments quite efficiently in no time. But being a software mechanism, QuickBooks also arises with technical issues every now and then and in today’s article, we are going to discuss one such error called QuickBooks Error Code 12 0. Now, let’s get into the details of how we can fix this error code and its potential causes.

What Is QB Error Code 12,0 ?

This QB Error Code 12,0 generally takes place when system settings are inappropriately configured or when there are discrepancies in the Windows registry.

Prime Causes Of QB Error Code 12, 0

There are potential causes responsible for leading this QB Error 12, 0 to occur as mentioned below:

  1. Disarranged Windows registry.
  2. Inappropriate uninstallation of the software.
  3. Faulty user input.
  4. Lost or missing files that are mistakenly deleted from the registry.
  5. Malfunctioning of the system.
  6. Wrong entries of non-existent programs.

Proficient Rectifying Measures To Fix QB Error Code 12,0

  1. Solution 1:

    1. Firstly, click on the Start button and type System Restore and then punch Enter.
    2. In the results, hit a click on System Restore.
    3. Then, Enter the administrator password.
    4. Now adhere to the steps to choose a restore point.
    5. Restore your system and restart QuickBooks.


    Solution 2:

    1. At first, you are required to click on the Start button and then type Command in the search box.
    2. Then, press and hold CTRL-Shift key, then punch Enter option.
    3. A permission box will be popped-up on the Window screen.
    4. You need to click on Yes option.
    5. A black box will be displayed, enter “SFC/scan now” and hit the Enter button.
    6. Now, System File Checker will begin scanning QB Error Code (12,0) and other problems.
    7. Then adhere to the following commands as displayed on the Window screen.


    Hopefully, you might have rectified the QuickBooks Error Code 12 0 successfully with the aformened troubleshooting steps. For further in-depth assistance, you can connect to our QB technicians by dialing +1-855-533-6333. They are available by 24*7, round-the-clock.