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When Does QuickBooks 2021 Come Out?

Every year Intuit launches newer upgrades for QuickBooks to make the software features & functionality more enhanced & automated. Sometimes, it really feels early to be hearing about the newest launch of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, but generally thoughts might revolve around on and off in your mind that “When Does QuickBooks 2021 Come Out”? Now, your wait is going to be over very soon as Intuit is releasing its latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 with its new features & fixes in the mid of September that you wouldn’t want to miss. Intuit is publishing the news in advance about forthching software product details so that the users get informed about product’s subscription options, retail availability, and product discounting, etc.

With the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, all QB users can take advantage of miscellaneous subscription offerings that incorporate different pricing & more advanced feature options. Now, users can contemplate more technology driven & advanced features that saves their time & efforts and enhances the productivity of their businesses. Here is a list of new & enhanced features of QuickBooks 2021 as mentioned underneath, have a look:

New & Advanced Attributes Of QuickBooks Desktop 2021

  • Enhanced bank feeds.
  • Capability to automatically send statements.
  • Able to customize payment receipts.
  • Able to generate rule-based customer groups.
  • More enhancements in retail availability.
  • Capability of creating automatic data backup & recovery and no additional charges would be required for the same.
  • Additional discounted cloud-based remote access.
  • You would be able to generate and categorize receipt expense transactions via QB Desktop Mobile App.
  • Smart Help Feature.

Latest Exemptions/Discounts In The Launch Of QuickBooks Desktop 2021

Intuit aspires to furnish the best pricing options to the users & other accounting professionals. This fall, you will receive a new 25% deduction on the first year for Desktop Plus subscriptions, 6 and a 10% decrease on one-time purchase products.

Is Upgrading The Outdated Version Of QuickBooks To QuickBooks 2021 Necessary?

As the time is flying and coming closer to the releasing day of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 in the mid of September, the doubts start coming in the mind of users whether to upgrade the older version of QuickBooks or not? Well, not upgrading your software to the latest release and using an older version of QuickBooks might obstruct the smooth-running workflow and users might experience many types of technical defects & errors. Therefore, it is fundamentally required to upgrade the software to its latest release on a regular basis to steer clear of further discrepancies in the near future. So, here we are mentioning the process to upgrade the outdated version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks 2021 as follows, have a look:

  1. Firstly, access the new version of QuickBooks Desktop 2021.
  2. Then, hit a click on Open or Restore Company and in-case you don’t have a company file, then navigate to the File menu and choose Restore Company or Open option.
  3. Later, open a company file, then choose the Next option. If you have a backup company file in the place of a company file, then choose Restore a backup copy option and then Local backup option.
  4. Now, browse your system for the company file. Then, choose it and then select the Open option.
  5. As soon as you find it, open the company file and try to sign in to the company account as an admin user. 
  6. While upgrading to an existing company File, QuickBooks can automatically create a backup.  Then, you need to save the backup in a particular record by pressing on the Change as default location.
  7. Now, simply click on the Update Now option to begin the upgrade process.
  8. After the upgradation process is complete, press the Done option.

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